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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2023-02The nature and prevalence of kinship care: Focus on young kinship carersKiraly, Meredith; Hoadley, David; Humphreys, Cathy
2024-02-12Mothers and sportsmen: The gendered and racialised nature of role model selection for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander youthsGuerzoni, Michael Andre; Prehn, Jacob; Peacock, Huw
2024-02-02Differences in weight status among Australian children and adolescents from priority populations: a longitudinal studyLung, Tom ; Killedar, Anagha; Taki, Sarah; Wen, Li Ming; Dickson, Michelle; Howard, Kirsten; Baur, Louise; Kelly, Patrick; Sherriff, Simone; Hayes, Alison
2021-08Partner–Child Relationship Satisfaction and Marital Satisfaction: Do Impressions Spill Over?Kincaid, Reilly
2023-09Sociodemographic moderators of longitudinal changes in active play between childhood and adolescence in AustraliaKemp, Byron J; Parrish, Anne-Maree ; Chong, Kar Hau; Cliff, Dylan 
2024-01Supports desired by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males in fatherhood: Focussing on the social and cultural determinates of health and well-beingPrehn, Jacob; Guerzoni, Michael Andre; Peacock, Huw; Adams, Mick; Williamson, Bhiamie; Collard, Len; Conuto, Kootsy
2023-09Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme: Recent Outcomes and SatisfactionHong, Nary 
2023-12-01Trajectories of otitis media and association with health determinants among Indigenous children in Australia: the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous ChildrenOguoma, V M; Mathew, S; Begum, T; Dyson, E; Ward, J; Leach, A J; Barzi, F
2023-09Coming of Age on the Margins: A Life Course Perspective on the Time Use of Australian Adolescents with DisabilitiesO'Flaherty, Martin 
2023-11How Layers of Context and Material Deprivation Impact Reemployment in Stable or Casual WorkRodwell, John; Flower, Rebecca
2023-10-21Trajectories of Parental Warmth and the Role They Play in Explaining Adolescent Prosocial BehaviorBuckley, Lisa; Atkins, Tiffany; Perera, Withanage; Waller, Michael
2023-10School truancy and welfare receipt dynamics in early adulthood: A longitudinal studyCollingwood, Patricia; Mazerolle, Lorraine; Cardwell, Stephanie M
2023-12Non-metropolitan settlement and integration outcomes of humanitarian migrants in Australia: Combining spatial, multidimensional and longitudinal perspectivesWong, Cho Yat 
2023-06-12Perceived Neighborhood Characteristics and Sleep in Australian AdultsEdmed, Shannon L.; Huda, M Mamun; Pattinson, Cassandra L.; Rossa, Kalina R.; Smith, Simon S.
2021-09Testing the Buffering Effect of Social Relationships in a Prospective Study of Disability OnsetLucas, Richard E.; Chopik, William J.
2023-08-31Association of Birth Weight Centiles and Gestational Age With Cognitive Performance at Age 5 YearsEves, Robert; Wolke, Dieter; Spiegler, Juliane; Lemola, Sakari
2023-08-08The association between intelligence and financial literacy: A conceptual and meta-analytic reviewCallis, Zoe; Gerrans, Paul; Walker, Dana L.; Gignac, Gilles E.
2023-08-29Machine learning-based prediction for self-harm and suicide attempts in adolescentsSu, Raymond; John, James Rufus; Lin, Ping-I
2023-08-03The potential of intervening on childhood adversity to reduce socioeconomic inequities in body mass index and inflammation among Australian and UK children: A causal mediation analysisPriest, Naomi ; Guo, Shuaijun; Gondek, Dawid; O'Connor, Meredith ; Moreno-Betancur, Margarita; Gray, Sarah ; Lacey, Rebecca; Burgner, David P ; Woolfenden, Sue ; Badland, Hannah ; Redmond, Gerry ; Juonala, Markus ; Lange, Katherine ; Goldfeld, Sharon 
2023-06-06Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations of domain-specific physical activity composition with health-related quality of life in childhood and adolescence in AustraliaKemp, Byron J; Dumuid, Dorothea ; Chong, Kar Hau; Parrish, Anne-Maree ; Cliff, Dylan 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1263

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