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Lange, Katherine
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-08Oral health: Epidemiology and concordance in Australian children and parentsStormon, Nicole; Clifford, Susan; Lange, Katherine ; Mangoyana, Clare; Ford, Pauline; Wake, Melissa ; Lalloo, Ratilal
22022-06Does inflammation mediate the association between obesity and hearing status in mid-childhood and mid-life?Wang, Jing ; Liy, Mengjiao ; Sung, Valerie ; Grobler, Anneke ; Saffery, Richard; Lange, Katherine ; Burgner, David ; Wake, Melissa 
32022-05-03Can adult polygenic scores improve prediction of body mass index in childhood?Mansell, Toby; O'Sullivan, Justin M; Saffery, Richard; Burgner, David ; Kerr, Jessica A ; Dwyer, Terence ; Lange, Katherine ; Wake, Melissa ; Clifford, Susan A ; Olds, Tim 
42020-05-23Cross-sectional metabolic profiles of mental health in population-based cohorts of 11- to 12-year-olds and mid-life adults: The Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenEllul, Susan; Saffery, Richard; Azzopardi, Peter ; Sawyer, Michael ; Edwards, Ben ; Juonala, Markus ; Gold, Lisa ; Lycett, Kate ; Lange, Katherine ; Wake, Melissa ; Burgner, David ; Mensah, Fiona ; Carlin, John