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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-01Examining the Educational Gap for Children with ADHD and Subthreshold ADHDZendarski, Nardia; Guo, Shuaijun; Sciberras, Emma ; Efron, Daryl ; Quach, Jon ; Winter, Leanne; Bisset, Matthew; Middeldrop, Christel; Coghill, David
22019-05-11Academic, behavioural and quality of life outcomes of slight to mild hearing loss in late childhood: a population-based studyWake, Melissa ; Grobler, Anneke ; Sung, Valerie ; Carew, Peter ; Wang, Jing ; Quach, Jon ; Edwards, Ben ; Gold, Lisa 
32017-12-04Bidirectional Associations Between Child Sleep Problems and Internalizing and Externalizing Difficulties From Preschool to Early AdolescenceNguyen, Cattram ; Sciberras, Emma ; Williams, Kate ; Quach, Jon ; Sciberras, E ; Quach, J 
42017-03-12The Cumulative Impact of Health Adversities on Children's Later Academic Achievement.Nguyen, Cattram ; Wake, M ; Quach, J ; Wake, Melissa ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Quach, Jon 
52017Special health care needs across the school and family contexts: Implications for service utilizationQuach, Jon ; Quach, J ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Rosema, Stefanie 
62016-10Parent and teacher perceptions of emerging special health care needsRosema, Stefanie ; Quach, J ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; Quach, Jon ; O'Connor, Meredith 
72016-06-01Sleep timing and child and parent outcomes in Australian 4-9-year-olds: a cross-sectional and longitudinal studyQuach, Jon ; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet ; Price, Anna M 
82016-06-01Cross-sectional sleep thresholds for optimal health and well-being in Australian 4-9-year-oldsQuach, Jon ; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet ; Wake, Melissa ; Price, Anna M 
92016-05-25Differential Outcomes of Sleep Problems in Children with and Without Special Health Care Needs: Australian Population StudyQuach, J ; Quach, Jon ; Mensah, Fiona ; Hiscock, Harriet ; Hiscock, H ; Mensah, F 
102015-03-16Trajectories and Outcomes Among Children with Special Health Care Needs.Wake, M ; Mensah, F ; Quach, J ; Wake, Melissa ; Mensah, Fiona K ; Jansen, Pauline W ; Jansen, P ; Quach, Jon 
112015-01Impact of Chronic Illness Timing and Persistence at School Entry on Child and Parent Outcomes: Australian Longitudinal StudyQuach, J ; Quach, Jon ; Barnett, Tony 
122015Learning Trajectories of Children With Special Health Care Needs Across the Severity SpectrumQuach, J ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Quach, Jon ; Tarasuik, Joanne ; Kvalsvig, Amanda 
132013-12-16Children’s sleep patterns from 0 to 9 years: Australian population longitudinal studyQuach, Jon ; Brown, J ; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet ; Wake, Melissa ; Price, Anna MH 
142008Predictors of learning outcomes for children with and without chronic illness: An Australian longitudinal studyGoldfeld, Sharon ; Quach, Jon ; Barnett, Tony ; Giallo, Rebecca ; Kelaher, Margaret