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Patton, George C
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Patton, George C
Patton, G. C.
Patton, GC
Patton, G
Patton, G.C.
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12019-06Eating disorder symptoms across the weight spectrum in Australian adolescentsHughes, E; Azzopardi, P; Le Grange, D; Wake, M ; Sawyer, S; Patton, G ; Kerr, J
22017-05-24Childhood Social Disadvantage and Pubertal Timing: A National Birth Cohort From AustraliaAzzopardi, Peter ; Patton, George C ; Sun, Ying ; Wake, Melissa ; Mensah, Fiona K 
32013-07-01Early puberty and childhood social and behavioral adjustment.Bayer, Jordana K ; Carlin, John B ; Patton, George C ; Allen, Nicholas B ; Wake, Melissa ; Mensah, Fiona K 
42012-06-12Morbidity patterns among the underweight, overweight, and obese between 2 and 18 years: population-based cross-sectional analysesCarlin, JB ; Canterford, L ; Waters, E ; Patton, G ; Wake, M ; Williams, J ; Clifford, S 
52011-06Changes in body mass index and health related quality of life from childhood to adolescenceHardy, P ; Patton, G.C. ; Williams, J.W. ; Waters, E.B. ; Patton, G ; Waters, E ; Wake, M ; Canterford, L ; Hasketh, K.D.