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Goldfeld, Sharon
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Goldfeld, Sharon
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Goldfield, S
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-12The effect of adverse and positive experiences on inflammatory markers in Australian and UK childrenPriest, Naomi ; Guo, Shuaijun; Gondek, Dawid; Lacey, Rebecca; Burgner, David ; Downes, Marnie; Slopen, Natalie; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Moreno-Betancur, Margarita; Kerr, Jessica A ; Cahill, Stephanie; Wake, Melissa ; Juonala, Markus ; Lycett, Kate ; O'Connor, Meredith 
22022-08-31Comparative inequalities in child dental caries across four countries: Examination of international birth cohorts and implications for oral health policyGoldfeld, Sharon ; Francis, Kate; O'Connor, Elodie ; Ludvigsson, Johnny; Faresjö, Tomas; Nikiema, Beatrice; Gauvin, Lise; Yang-Huang, Junwen; Awad, Yara Abu; McGrath, Jennifer; Goldhaber-Fiebert, Jeremy; Faresjo, Åshild; Raat, Hein; Kragt, Lea; Mensah, Fiona 
32019-05Socioeconomic disadvantage in infancy on academic and self-regulation outcomesOlsson, Craig A ; McIntosh, Jennifer ; Chong, Shiau ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Hutchinson, D ; Sanson, A 
42018-08More than a snapshot in time: Pathways of disadvantage over childhoodMensah, Fiona K ; Azpitarte, Francisco ; Chong, Shiau ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Badland, Hannah ; Redmond, Gerry ; Williams, Katrina ; O'Connor, Elodie ; Woolfenden, Sue ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Cloney, Dan 
52018-05The impact of multidimensional disadvantage over childhood on developmental outcomes in AustraliaMensah, Fiona ; Gray, Sarah ; O'Connor, Elodie ; Redmond, G ; Chong, Shiau ; Woolfenden, Sue ; Redmond, Gerry ; Mensah, F ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Williams, Katrina ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Badland, Hannah ; Kvalsvig, Amanda 
62018-03Understanding child disadvantage from a social determinants perspectiveO'Connor, Meredith ; Mensah, F ; Redmond, G ; Kochanoff, Anita ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Woolfenden, Sue ; Mensah, Fiona ; Williams, Katrina ; Badland, Hannah ; Redmond, Gerry ; Gray, Sarah ; Cloney, Dan 
72018Academic outcomes of multilingual children in AustraliaO'Connor, Elodie ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Gray, Sarah ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Tarasuik, Joanne 
82018Can a teacher-reported indicator be used for population monitoring of oral language skills at school entry?Incledon, E ; Gray, Sarah ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; O'Connor, Meredith ; O'Connor, Elodie ; Incledon, Emily ; Tarasuik, Joanne ; Goldfeld, Sharon 
92017Special health care needs across the school and family contexts: Implications for service utilizationQuach, Jon ; Quach, J ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Rosema, Stefanie 
102016-10Parent and teacher perceptions of emerging special health care needsRosema, Stefanie ; Quach, J ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; Quach, Jon ; O'Connor, Meredith 
112016-04The Role of Preschool in Promoting Children’s Healthy Development: Evidence from an Australian Population CohortMoore, Tim ; Brinkman, Sally ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Sayers, Mary ; O'Connor, Elodie ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; O'Connor, Meredith 
122016The English Proficiency and Academic Language Skills of Australian Bilingual Children During the Primary School YearsKvalsvig, Amanda ; Dennaoui, Kamelia ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Nicholls, Ruth ; Tarasuik, Joanne ; Goldfeld, Sharon 
132016Preschool Attendance Trends in Australia: Evidence from Two Sequential Population CohortsO'Connor, Meredith ; Incledon, E ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Incledon, Emily ; Kvalsvig, Amanda ; O'Connor, Elodie ; Tarasuik, Joanne ; Gray, Sarah 
142015Learning Trajectories of Children With Special Health Care Needs Across the Severity SpectrumQuach, J ; Goldfeld, Sharon ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Quach, Jon ; Tarasuik, Joanne ; Kvalsvig, Amanda 
152014-01-09Predictors of mental health competence in a population cohort of Australian children.Goldfeld, Sharon ; Incledon, E ; Kvalsvig, A ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Mensah, F 
162008Predictors of learning outcomes for children with and without chronic illness: An Australian longitudinal studyGoldfeld, Sharon ; Quach, Jon ; Barnett, Tony ; Giallo, Rebecca ; Kelaher, Margaret