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Liu, Richard
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Liu, Richard
Liu, Richard S
Liu, R
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12019-02-27Inflammation and hearing status in mid-childhood and mid-life: a population-based cross-sectional studyCarew, P; Sung, V; Wang, J; Sung, Valerie ; Wake, M ; Wang, Jing ; Wake, Melissa ; Carew, Peter ; Burgner, David ; Liu, Richard ; Liu, R 
22019-02Cross-sectional associations between Ideal Cardiovascular Health scores and vascular phenotypes in 11- to 12-year-olds and their parents: The Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenRanganathan, Sarath ; Azzopardi, Peter ; Cheung, Michael ; Edwards, Ben ; Juonala, Markus ; Dwyer, Terence ; Grobler, Anneke ; Lycett, Kate ; Wake, Melissa ; Burgner, David ; Liu, Richard 
32018-10How body composition influences hearing status by mid-childhood and mid-life: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Sung, V; Liu, R ; Wake, M ; Olds, T ; Zubrick, S ; Wang, J; Grobler, A; Carew, P; Lycett, K
42018-06Cross-sectional epidemiology of hearing loss in Australian children aged 11–12 years old and 25-year secular trendsMensah, Fiona K ; Liu, Richard ; Wake, Melissa ; Gold, Lisa ; Burt, Rachel A ; Wang, Jing ; le Clercq, Carlijn ; Sung, Valerie ; Carew, Peter 
52017-08-09Socioeconomic Position Is Associated With Carotid Intima–Media Thickness in Mid‐Childhood: The Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenLiu, Richard ; Liu, Richard S 
62017-05-10Socioeconomic status in childhood and C reactive protein in adulthood: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Mensah, Fiona K ; Rueb, Kuna ; Juonala, Markus ; Aiello, Allison E ; Wake, Melissa ; Cordell, Billie ; Burgner, David ; Liu, Richard ; Gasser, Constantine E