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Longitudinal Study: LSIC
Title: What Is the Best Thing About Being an Indigenous Father in Australia?
Authors: Prehn, Jacob
Baltra-Ulloa, Joselynn
Canty, Justin
Williamson, Matthew
Publication Date: 9-Dec-2021
Pages: 15
Keywords: Aboriginal; Torres Strait Islander; Indigeneity; Indigenous; Dad; Parental Care; Fatherhood; Strengthsbased Parenting; Social Work; Relationality; Supports; Father–Child Relationship; Self-Image; Bias; Perceptions of Indigenous Men; Stereotypes; Australia
Abstract: In Australia, the ongoing structure of settler colonialism has meant understandings of Indigeneity continue to uphold deficit narratives about the lives of Indigenous peoples. The narrative that predominates for Indigenous fathers is often the labels of dysfunctionality, deviance, and disengagement from their children. Using the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children data, this article seeks to challenge these deficit narratives to shed light not only on the strengths Indigenous fathers report of their experiences of fatherhood, but also on how fatherhood could be reconceptualised under an Indigenous epistemology. We followed recent efforts and used a strengths-based approach in Indigenous fathering research to counter deficit narratives of Indigenous fatherhood and explore how an Indigenous standpoint can inform approaches to social, cultural, and health and wellbeing practices. We applied a content analysis to answers generated by the question “What is the best thing about being your child’s father?” The range of responses suggested a most positive and child-centred experience of fatherhood where Indigenous fathers report the sharing of love and culture with their children as direct contributions to children growing up strong.
DOI: 10.1080/0312407X.2021.2004180
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