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Longitudinal Study: HILDA
Title: Gender, Ethnicity and the Division of Household Labour within Heterosexual Couples in Australia
Authors: Baxter, Janeen 
Perales, F 
Ting, Shun 
Perales, Francisco 
Publication Date: Apr-2015
Pages: 18
Keywords: Housework
Panel data
Abstract: Women continue to undertake substantially more unpaid labour than men, with the gaps closing if women bring economic resources to the household, spend time in paid work, or both partners hold egalitarian gender-role attitudes. Some attention has been given to how these patterns vary across ethnic groups, but the research is sparse and dominated by US studies. We examine the relationships between gender, ethnicity and housework supply within heterosexual couples in Australia using longitudinal data and individual- and couple-level panel regression models. We find large and statistically significant ethnic differences in gender divisions of household labour in Australia, with particularly egalitarian arrangements within Indigenous couples. These results have implications for understanding the processes underlying gender divisions of household labour, and highlight important, previously unknown, issues in Indigenous family processes. Particularly, our findings constitute first-time evidence of positive gender-equality outcomes for this subpopulation and call for further research on this topic.
Keywords: Gender
Research collection: Journal Articles
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