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Longitudinal Study: LSAC
Title: Is Sport Enough? The 2014 Active Healthy Kids Australia Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Young People.
Authors: Active Healthy Kids Australia 
Institution: University of South Australia
Publication Date: 21-May-2014
Publisher: Active Healthy Kids Australia
Pages: 52
Keywords: Physical Activity
Abstract: This is Australia’s first Physical Activity Report Card and it as been modelled on the Canadian Reports. The Australian Research Working Group (RWG) hopes to, like the Canadian initiative, release a Report Card annually so that Australia is informed and updated on the physical activity and sedentary behaviours of its children and young people. It is anticipated that the Australian Report Card initiative will be at the forefront of physical activity advocacy: informing policy changes and environmental decision-making in health services to increase physical activity participation; highlighting where more research is needed to better understand physical activity behaviours of Australian children and young people; and encouraging all Australians to make changes in their lives to promote, facilitate and model positive lifestyle behaviours with the hope of increasing physical activity participation and reducing sedentary behaviours among the children and young people of today and tomorrow.
Keywords: Health -- Physical activity; Activities -- Children's activities; Activities -- Outdoor activities; Child Development -- Physical; Children -- Adolescents and youth
Research collection: Reports and technical papers
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