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Longitudinal Study: HILDA
Title: Job Insecurity and Future Labour Market Outcomes
Authors: Wooden, M 
McGuiness, S 
Hahn, M 
McGuinness, S 
Institution: Melbourne Institute
Publication Date: Jul-2012
Pages: 31
Keywords: job loss
Job insecurity
HILDA Survey
Abstract: This paper uses longitudinal survey data to test the degree to which measures of job insecurity are correlated with changes in labour market status. Three major findings are reported. First, the perceived probability of job loss is only weakly related to both exogenous job separations and subsequent transitions to unemployment and inactivity. Second, while fears of job loss tend to persist across time and job spells, they do so at a highly diminishing rate, suggesting that the impacts on other outcomes (such as psychological well-being) may be quite limited. Third, quit intentions are strongly correlated with both voluntary separations and transitions to alternative employment. The desire to quit, however, does not appear to diminish greatly across successive employment spells.
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-7340-4272-9
Keywords: Surveys and Survey Methodology; Employment -- Labour force status and attachment; Employment -- Security of employment
Research collection: Reports and technical papers
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