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Longitudinal Study: HILDA
Title: Understanding the Drivers of Poverty Dynamics in Australian Households
Authors: Verick, S 
Buddelmeyer, H 
Publication Date: Jun-2008
Pages: 310-321
Keywords: Poverty dynamics
Abstract: This paper contributes to the growing literature on poverty dynamics in Australian households. The results reveal that a range of life-changing events, household head, partner and demographic characteristics have an impact on both the likelihood of remaining poor and slipping into poverty. These findings have important implications for Australian policymakers: tertiary education and employment are key factors in keeping households out of poverty; having a disability or living in outer-regional or remote areas increases the probability of becoming poor and remaining in such a situation; and finally, life-changing events, especially becoming separated, can lead households into persistent poverty.
DOI: 10.1111/j.1475-4932.2008.00493.x
Keywords: Finance; Families; Finance -- Poverty and Disadvantage; Families -- Households
Research collection: Journal Articles
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