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Flavel, Joanne
Flavel, Joanne
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Flavel, Joanne
Flavel, Joanne
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-06-23Pathways to employment for social inclusion, health & wellbeing for women from refugee backgroundsZiersch, Anna; Due, Clemence; Howe, Joanna; Walsh, Moira; Miller, Emily; Flavel, Joanne 
22022-05The need for improved Australian data on social determinants of health inequitiesFreeman, Toby; Musolino, Connie; van Eyk, Helen; Tesfay, Fisaha H; Baum, Fran; Flavel, Joanne ; McKee, Martin 
32021-03Employment for women with refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds in Australia: An overview of workforce participation and available support programmesDue, Clemence; Callaghan, Peta; Reilly, Alexander; Flavel, Joanne ; Ziersch, Anna
42016An Analysis of the Impact of Health on OccupationFlavel, Joanne 
52016Does Poor Health Increase the Likelihood of Flexible Employment?Flavel, Joanne