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Longitudinal Study: LSAC
Title: Report on Adapted PPVT-III and Who Am I?
Authors: Rothman, S 
Institution: Australian Institutes of Family Studies
Publication Date: Sep-2010
Pages: 10
Keywords: Core 1-2
Abstract: The six year-old version of the adaptive PPVT-III for use in LSAY was developed so that it can be linked with the four year-old version of the test. This allows the measurement of growth between administrations of the test. Forty items were selected for the test, with 20 items administered to all children as the core set (core sets 1 and 2). For children who make 15 to 20 errors an additional basal set of 10 items is administered, and for children who make 0 to 6 errors an additional ceiling set of 10 items is administered. Simulations showed that approximately two-thirds (67%) of children would require only the core sets, 7 per cent would require the core and basal sets, and 26 per cent would require the core and ceiling sets; this distribution was considered in the selection of items.
Keywords: Surveys and Survey Methodology; Policy Research; Children
Research collection: Reports and technical papers
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