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Zubrick, Stephen R
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Zubrick, Stephen R
Zubrick, S
Zubrick, S R
Zubrick, S. R
Zubrick, SR
Zubrick, Stephen
Zubrick, Stephen R.
Zubrick, S. R.
Zubrick, S.R.
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-08Gender differences in time allocation contribute to differences in developmental outcomes in children and adolescentsLe, Huong Thu ; Nguyen, Ha Trong ; Mitrou, Francis ; Brinkman, Sally ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
22022-06-27Causal Impact of Physical Activity on Child Health and DevelopmentNguyen, Ha Trong ; Christian, Hayley; Le, Huong ; Connelly, Luke Brian ; Mitrou, Francis ; Zubrick, Stephen R. 
32022-03Transfers of disadvantage across three generations using latent class associations within familiesAdams, Emma K; Hancock, Kirsten J ; Mitrou, Francis ; Christensen, Daniel ; Taylor, Catherine L ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
42022-01-15Anxiety Trajectories in Adolescents and the Impact of Social Support and Peer VictimizationSpence, Susan H.; Lawrence, Lawrence ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
52020-10-12School readiness is more than the child: a latent class analysis of child, family, school and community aspects of school readinessTaylor, Catherine L.; Hancock, Kirsten J.; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Christensen, Daniel 
62019-12Racial discrimination and the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: Does the timing of first exposure matter?Cave, Leah ; Shepherd, Carrington C J ; Cooper, Matthew N ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
72019-09-06Caregiver-perceived racial discrimination is associated with diverse mental health outcomes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 7-12 yearsCave, Leah ; Cooper, Mathew. N ; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Shepherd, Carrington C. J. 
82019-03Childcare Use and Its Role in Indigenous Child Development: Evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children in AustraliaAzpitarte, Francisco ; Farrant, Brad M. ; Kalb, Guyonne ; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Chigavazira, Abraham ; Perales, Francisco 
92018-03-26Educational inequality over three generations in AustraliaPovey, J ; Povey, Jenny ; Mitrou, F ; Campbell, Alice ; Francis, Mitrou ; Zubrick, S ; Hancock, K ; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Hancock, Kirsten J. 
102017-03-13Development and assessment of cumulative risk measures of family environment and parental investments in the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenZubrick, S ; Hancock, K ; Hancock, Kirsten J ; Zubrick, Stephen R ; Christensen, Daniel ; Christensen, D 
112017-01-23Patterns of multiple risk exposures for low receptive vocabulary growth 4-8 years in the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenTaylor, Catherine L. ; Taylor, C ; Zubrick, S ; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Christensen, Daniel 
122016-09-29Barriers to parent-child book reading in early childhoodTaylor, C ; Taylor, Catherine L. ; Zubrick, S ; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Christensen, Daniel 
132015-09-09Patterns and Predictors of Language and Literacy Abilities 4-10 Years in the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenTaylor, Catherine L ; Zubrick, Stephen R ; Christensen, Daniel 
142015-07Playgroup Participation and Social Support Outcomes for Mothers of Young Children: A Longitudinal Cohort StudyHancock, K ; Zubrick, S ; Zarb, D ; Lawrence, D ; Hancock, Kirsten J. ; Cunningham, Nadia ; Lawrence, David ; Zarb, David ; Zubrick, Stephen R. 
152014-07-02Risk Factors for Low Receptive Vocabulary Abilities in the Preschool and Early School Years in the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenLawrence, David ; Mitrou, Francis ; Taylor, Catherine L. ; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Christensen, Daniel 
162014-04Parenting measures in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children: construct validity and measurement quality, Waves 1 to 4Westrupp, E ; Zubrick, Stephen R ; Lucas, Nina ; Westrupp, E M ; Nicholson, J M ; Zubrick, S 
172013-06The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children Annual Statistical Report 2012Hancock, Kirsten J ; Edwards, Ben ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
182013-03-14Mental health problems across three generations of Australian familiesLawrence, D ; Hancock, K.J.; Zubrick, S.R. ; Shipley, M ; Mitrou, F ; Zubrick, S ; Hancock, K 
192012-12Do individual differences in temperament matter for Indigenous children? The structure and function of temperament in Footprints in Time.Zubrick, S.R. ; Little, K ; Sanson, A ; Zubrick, S 
202012-11-20Is highly protective parenting associated with child BMI?Zubrick, Stephen R ; Zubrick, S ; Hancock, K ; Hancock, Kirsten J