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Vella, Stewart A
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Vella, Stewart A
Vella, Stewart
Vella, S
Vella, Stewart A.
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-04Is prosocial behaviour a missing link between green space quality and child health-related outcomes?Putra, I Gusti Ngurah Edi; Astell-Burt, Thomas ; Cliff, Dylan P ; Vella, Stewart A ; Feng, Xiaoqi 
22021-03-10Prospective Associations between Sport Participation and Indices of Mental Health across AdolescenceGraupensperger, Scott; Sutcliffe, Jordan; Vella, Stewart A 
32021-02-27Association between caregiver perceived green space quality and the development of prosocial behaviour from childhood to adolescence: Latent class trajectory and multilevel longitudinal analyses of Australian children over 10 yearsPutra, I Gusti Ngurah Edi; Astell-Burt, Thomas ; Cliff, Dylan P.; Vella, Stewart A. ; Feng, Xiaoqi 
42020-10-17Association between green space quality and prosocial behaviour: A 10-year multilevel longitudinal analysis of Australian childrenPutra, I Gusti Ngurah Edi; Astell-Burt, Thomas ; Cliff, Dylan P ; Vella, Stewart A ; Feng, Xiaoqi 
52017Bidirectional Associations between Sport Involvement and Mental Health in AdolescenceVella, Stewart A ; Vella, Stewart A. 
62014-05-21Results From Australia‚Äôs 2014 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and YouthLubans, D; Lubans, David ; Macdonald, Doune ; Macniven, Rona ; Morgan, Philip ; Okely, Anthony ; Parrish, Anne-Maree ; Plotnikoff, Ronald ; Shilton, Trevor ; Straker, Leon ; Timperio, Anna ; Trost, Stewart ; Vella, Stewart ; Ziviani, Jenny ; Tomkinson, Grant ; Schranz, N; Cliff, D; Davern, M; Engelen, L; Giles-Corti, B; Gomersall, S; Hardy, L; Hills, A; Macdonald, D; Macniven, R; Okely, A; Plotnikoff, R; Shilton, T; Straker, L; Timperio, A; Trost, S; Olds, T ; Hesketh, K ; Morgan, P ; Vella, S ; Ziviani, J ; Tomkinson, G ; Schranz, Natasha ; Olds, Tim ; Cliff, Dylan ; Davern, Melanie ; Engelen, Lina ; Giles-Corti, Billie ; Gomersall, Sjaan ; Hardy, Louise ; Hesketh, Kylie ; Hills, Andrew 
72014-05-13Socio-ecological predictors of participation and dropout in organised sports during childhoodVella, Stewart A 
82014-03-28Sports Participation and Parent-Reported Health-Related Quality of Life in Children: Longitudinal AssociationsVella, Stewart A 
92014Longitudinal associations between sports participation and psychological difficulties during childhoodVella, Stewart A