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Sciberras, E
Sciberras, E
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Sciberras, E
Sciberras, E
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12019-06-11Use and predictors of health services among Australian children with mental health problems: A national prospective studySciberras, E ; Hiscock, H ; Mulraney, M; Sawyer, M ; Coghill, D; Freed, G; Warren, H; Efron, D 
22019-05-06Body dissatisfaction and weight control behaviour in children with ADHD: A population-based studyRinehart, N; Sciberras, E ; Sciberras, Emma ; Rinehart, Nicole ; Bisset, M; Bisset, Matthew
32019-04DSM‐5 eating disorder symptoms in adolescents with and without attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A population‐based studyRinehart, Nicole ; Sciberras, E ; Rinehart, N; Bisset, M; Bisset, Matthew; Sciberras, Emma 
42017-12-04Bidirectional Associations Between Child Sleep Problems and Internalizing and Externalizing Difficulties From Preschool to Early AdolescenceNguyen, Cattram ; Sciberras, Emma ; Williams, Kate ; Quach, Jon ; Sciberras, E ; Quach, J 
52016-05-25Sleep and Self-Regulation from Birth to 7 Years: A Retrospective Study of Children with and Without Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at 8 to 9 Years.Williams, Kate E ; Sciberras, E ; Williams, Kate ; Sciberras, Emma 
62015-08-17Autism spectrum disorder: Presentation and prevalence in a nationally representative Australian sampleIhsen, E ; Efron, Daryl ; Williams, K ; Dissanayake, C ; Randall, M ; Sciberras, E ; Brignell, A 
72014-05-06Healthcare costs associated with language difficulties up to 9 years of age: Australian population-based studySciberras, E ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Reilly, S ; Mensah, F ; Lucas, N ; Wake, M ; Gold, L 
82012-04-23Cost of common childhood disordersWake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Mensah, F ; Lucas, N ; Sciberras, E ; Quach, J ; Gold, L 
92011-10Predictors of parent-reported Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children aged 6-7 years: A National Longitudinal StudySciberras, E ; Efron, Daryl ; Ukoumunne, O ; Ukoumunne, Obioha ; Sciberras, Emma