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Sawyer, Michael
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Sawyer, Michael
Sawyer, M
Sawyer, M G
Sawyer, M. G.
Sawyer, MG
Sawyer, Michael G
Sawyer, M.G.
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12020-07Mental health difficulties across childhood and mental health service use: findings from a longitudinal population-based studyMulraney, Melissa; Hiscock, Harriet ; Sciberras, Emma ; Coghill, David; Sawyer, Michael 
22020-05-23Cross-sectional metabolic profiles of mental health in population-based cohorts of 11- to 12-year-olds and mid-life adults: The Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenEllul, Susan; Saffery, Richard; Azzopardi, Peter ; Sawyer, Michael ; Edwards, Ben ; Juonala, Markus ; Gold, Lisa ; Lycett, Kate ; Lange, Katherine ; Wake, Melissa ; Burgner, David ; Mensah, Fiona ; Carlin, John 
32014-10Quality of Childcare Influences Children's Attentiveness and Emotional Regulation at School EntryZubrick, Stephen ; Lynch, John ; Sawyer, Michael ; Mittinty, Murthy ; Sawyer, Alyssa ; Gialamas, Angela 
42013-09-26Can Items Used in 4-Year-Old Well-Child Visits Predict Children’s Health and School Outcomes?Sawyer, M ; Smithers, Lisa ; Chittleborough, Catherine ; Sawyer, Michael ; Lynch, John ; Stocks, Nigel 
52011-10Four-year prospective study of BMI and mental health problems in young childrenSawyer, M ; Harchak, T ; Wake, M ; Sawyer, M.G. ; Lynch, J 
62010-12Socioeconomic risk factors for Mental Health problems in 4-5-year-old Children: Australian population studyLo, S.K.; Sawyer, M.G. ; Sawyer, M ; Wake, M ; Priest, N ; Davis, E 
72006-12Is there a relationship between overweight, Obesity, and Mental Health problems in 4 to 5 year-old Australian Children?Wake, M ; Sawyer, M.G. ; Guy, S ; Sawyer, M ; Miller-Lewis, L