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Nicholson, Jan Maree
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Nicholson, Jan Maree
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12015-05-06Bidirectional relationship between child language development and social skills across early childhood: Influences on later socio-emotional outcomesNicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Reilly, Sheena ; Nicholson, Jan Maree ; Mensah, Fiona ; Westrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Reilly, S ; Mensah, F 
22015Exposure to inter-parental conflict across 10 years of the early childhood period: Data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Nicholson, Jan Maree ; Westrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Brown, Stephanie ; Rose, Natalie 
32013-10-04Raising Children in Single-Parent FamiliesWestrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Lucas, Nina ; Abela, A ; D'Esposito, Fabrizio ; Nicholson, Jan Maree 
42013-09-12Bidirectional Associations Between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Consistency and Child BMIWestrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Giallo, Rebecca ; Jansen, Pauline ; Nicholson, Jan Maree ; Wake, Melissa 
52012-03Mental Health in Low-to-Moderate Risk Preterm, Low Birth Weight, and Small for Gestational Age Children at 4 to 5 Years: The Role of Early Maternal ParentingCooklin, Amanda ; Westrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Giallo, Rebecca ; Mensah, Fiona ; Nicholson, Jan Maree