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Nicholson, J
Nicholson, J
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Nicholson, J
Nicholson, J
Nicholson, J
Nicholson, J
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12017-05-01Participation of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in a parent support program: Longitudinal associations between playgroup attendance and child, parent, and community outcomes.Berthelsen, D ; Williams, Kate E ; Berthelsen, Donna ; Williams, Kate ; Nicholson, Jan ; Viviani, Maria ; Nicholson, J 
22016-05-25Early childhood profiles of sleep problems and self-regulation predict later school adjustmentWilliams, Kate E ; Berthelsen, D ; Walker, S ; Nicholson, Jan ; Nicholson, J ; Williams, Kate 
32016Trajectories of parental involvement in home learning activities across the early years: associations with socio-demographic characteristics and children’s learning outcomesWalker, S ; Nicholson, J ; Berthelsen, D ; Walker, Sue ; Nicholson, Jan M. ; Berthelsen, Donna ; Hayes, Nicole 
42015-06-08Healthcare costs of underweight, overweight and obesity: Australian population-based studyClifford, S ; Jansen, P ; Wake, M ; Lucas, N ; Nicholson, J ; Mensah, F ; Gold, L 
52015-05-06Bidirectional relationship between child language development and social skills across early childhood: Influences on later socio-emotional outcomesNicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Reilly, Sheena ; Nicholson, Jan Maree ; Mensah, Fiona ; Westrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Reilly, S ; Mensah, F 
62015A developmental cascade model of behavioral sleep problems, emotional and attentional self-regulation across early childhoodBerthelsen, Donna ; Nicholson, J ; Walker, S ; Berthelsen, D ; Williams, Kate ; Nicholson, Jan M ; Walker, Sue ; Williams, Kate E 
72015Exposure to inter-parental conflict across 10 years of the early childhood period: Data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Nicholson, Jan Maree ; Westrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Brown, Stephanie ; Rose, Natalie 
82014-09Fathers' postnatal mental health and child wellbeing at age 5: The mediating role of parenting behaviourD'Esposito, F ; Cooklin, A R ; Wade, C ; Nicholson, J ; Giallo, R 
92014-05-06Healthcare costs associated with language difficulties up to 9 years of age: Australian population-based studySciberras, E ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Reilly, S ; Mensah, F ; Lucas, N ; Wake, M ; Gold, L 
102014-05Maternal postnatal mental health and later emotional-behavioural development of children: The mediating role of parenting behaviourCooklin, A R ; Giallo, Rebecca ; Wade, C ; Nicholson, J ; D'Esposito, Fabrizio 
112014-03-18Parent-Child Engagement in Home Learning Activities across Early Childhood: Socio-Demographic Predictors of Change and Associations with Learning Outcomes in the Early Years of SchoolWalker, Sue ; Nicholson, Jan M ; Nicholson, J ; Walker, S ; Berthelsen, D ; Hayes, Nicole ; Berthelsen, Donna 
122014-02-14Mothers’ work-family conflict and enrichment: Associations with parenting quality and couple relationshipCooklin, A R ; Martin, A ; Strazdins, L ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Giallo, R 
132014-02-04Fathers at work: Work-family conflict, work-family enrichment and parenting in an Australian cohortCooklin, A R ; Martin, A ; Strazdins, L ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Giallo, R 
142013-08Postpartum maternal separation anxiety, over-protective parenting and children’s social-emotional well-being: Longitudinal evidence from an Australian cohortD'Esposito, F ; Crawford, S ; Cooklin, A R ; Nicholson, J ; Giallo, R 
152013-07-23Family and neighbourhood socioeconomic inequalities in childhood trajectories of BMI and overweight: Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Mensah, Fiona K ; Jansen, P ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Mensah, F ; Jansen, Pauline W ; Wake, Melissa ; Nicholson, Jan M 
162013-05-30Health care costs associated with sleep problems up to age 7 years: Australian population-based studyMensah, F ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Lucas, N ; Quach, J ; Hiscock, H ; Gold, L 
172013-05-29The cost of healthcare for children with mental health difficulties.Bayer, J.K. ; Canterford, L ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Lucas, N ; Mensah, F ; Westrupp, E ; Gold, L 
182013-05-14Bi-directional associations between overweight and health-related quality of life from 4-11 years: Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenJansen, P ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Mensah, F ; Clifford, S 
192013-04-20Self-regulation from birth to age five: Associations among sleep, reactivity and persistence, and outcomes at age sevenNicholson, J ; Berthelsen, D ; Walker, S ; Williams, Kate 
202013-04-19Community-based healthcare costs for children born low birthweight, preterm and/or small for gestational age: data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenLucas, N ; Nicholson, J ; Wake, M ; Mensah, F ; Westrupp, E ; Gold, L