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Nguyen, Ha Trong
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Nguyen, Ha Trong
Nguyen, Ha
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-08Gender differences in time allocation contribute to differences in developmental outcomes in children and adolescentsLe, Huong Thu ; Nguyen, Ha Trong ; Mitrou, Francis ; Brinkman, Sally ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
22022-06-27Causal Impact of Physical Activity on Child Health and DevelopmentNguyen, Ha Trong ; Christian, Hayley; Le, Huong ; Connelly, Luke Brian ; Mitrou, Francis ; Zubrick, Stephen R. 
32021-07Weather and children's time allocationNguyen, Ha ; Le, Huong ; Connelly, Luke 
42018-05The impact of maternal mental health shocks on child health: Estimates from fixed effects instrumental variables models for two cohorts of Australian childrenLe, Huong Thu ; Nguyen, Ha Trong 
52018-02The evolution of the gender test score gap through seventh grade: New insights from Australia using unconditional quantile regression and decompositionLe, Huong Thu ; Nguyen, Ha Trong 
62018-01Out of sight but not out of mind: Home countries’ macroeconomic volatilities and immigrants’ mental healthNguyen, Ha Trong ; Connelly, Luke 
72017-09The dynamics of informal care provision in the Australian household panel survey: Previous work characteristics and future care provisionNguyen, Ha Trong ; Connelly, Luke 
82017-03Exchange rate fluctuations and immigrants’ labour market outcomes: New evidence from Australian household panel dataNguyen, Ha Trong ; Duncan, Alan 
92017-02Parental health and children’s cognitive and non-cognitive development: New evidence from the Longitudinal Survey of Australian ChildrenLe, Huong Thu ; Nguyen, Ha Trong 
102014-01The effect of unpaid caregiving intensity on labour force participation: results from a multinomial endogenous treatment modelNguyen, Ha Trong ; Connelly, Luke