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Mitrou, Francis
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Mitrou, Francis
Francis, Mitrou
Mitrou, F
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-08Gender differences in time allocation contribute to differences in developmental outcomes in children and adolescentsLe, Huong Thu ; Nguyen, Ha Trong ; Mitrou, Francis ; Brinkman, Sally ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
22022-06-27Causal Impact of Physical Activity on Child Health and DevelopmentNguyen, Ha Trong ; Christian, Hayley; Le, Huong ; Connelly, Luke Brian ; Mitrou, Francis ; Zubrick, Stephen R. 
32022-03Transfers of disadvantage across three generations using latent class associations within familiesAdams, Emma K; Hancock, Kirsten J ; Mitrou, Francis ; Christensen, Daniel ; Taylor, Catherine L ; Zubrick, Stephen R 
42020-05Ethnicity differentials in academic achievements: The role of time investmentsLe, Huong ; Nguyen, Ha ; Mitrou, Francis ; Taylor, Catherine ; Connelly, Luke ; Zubrick, Stephen 
52017Parents’ interest in their child’s education and children’s outcomes in adolescence and adulthood: Does gender matter?Povey, J ; Povey, Jenny ; Mitrou, F ; Mitrou, Francis ; Haynes, M ; Haynes, Michele ; Hancock, K ; Hancock, Kirsten J ; Campbell, Alice K 
62015-06Ethnic Differences in the Quality of the Interview Process and Implications for Survey Analysis: The Case of Indigenous AustraliansMitrou, Francis ; Baffour, Bernard ; Perales, Francisco 
72014-07-02Risk Factors for Low Receptive Vocabulary Abilities in the Preschool and Early School Years in the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenLawrence, David ; Mitrou, Francis ; Taylor, Catherine L. ; Zubrick, Stephen R. ; Christensen, Daniel