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Jansen, Pauline
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Jansen, Pauline
Jansen, P
Jansen, Pauline W
Jansen, PW
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-03-16Social gradients in ADHD by household income and maternal education exposure during early childhood: Findings from birth cohort studies across six countriesSpencer, Nicholas James ; Ludvigsson, Johnny; Bai, Guannan; Gauvin, Lise; Clifford, Susan A ; Awad, Yara Abu; Goldhaber-Fiebert, Jeremy D; Markham, Wolfgang; Faresjö, Åshild; White, Pär Andersson; Raat, Hein; Jansen, Pauline ; Nikiema, Béatrice; Mensah, Fiona K ; McGrath, Jennifer J
22015-06-08Healthcare costs of underweight, overweight and obesity: Australian population-based studyClifford, S ; Jansen, P ; Wake, M ; Lucas, N ; Nicholson, J ; Mensah, F ; Gold, L 
32015-03-16Trajectories and Outcomes Among Children with Special Health Care Needs.Wake, M ; Mensah, F ; Quach, J ; Wake, Melissa ; Mensah, Fiona K ; Jansen, Pauline W ; Jansen, P ; Quach, Jon 
42013-09-12Bidirectional Associations Between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Consistency and Child BMIWestrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Giallo, Rebecca ; Jansen, Pauline ; Nicholson, Jan Maree ; Wake, Melissa 
52013-07-23Family and neighbourhood socioeconomic inequalities in childhood trajectories of BMI and overweight: Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Mensah, Fiona K ; Jansen, P ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Mensah, F ; Jansen, Pauline W ; Wake, Melissa ; Nicholson, Jan M 
62013-05-14Bi-directional associations between overweight and health-related quality of life from 4-11 years: Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenJansen, P ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Mensah, F ; Clifford, S 
72013-03-15Development of mental health problems and overweight between ages 4 and 11 years: a population-based longitudinal study of Australian children.Jansen, Pauline ; Tiemeier, H ; Wake, M ; Clifford, Susan A ; Nicholson, Jan M ; Mensah, Fiona K