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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
131-Jan-2021The consequences of household composition and household change for Indigenous health: evidence from eight waves of the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC)Hewitt, Belinda ; Hewitt, Belinda 
226-Oct-2017Indigenous children’s affective engagement with school: The influence of socio-structural, subjective and relational factorsHewitt, Belinda ; Tomaszewski, W ; Hewitt, B ; Tomaszewski, Wojtek ; Dunstan, Laura 
32015Chapter 5: Relationship DissolutionHewitt, B ; Hewitt, Belinda ; Baxter, Janeen 
42014Preschool participation amongst Indigenous children in AustraliaWalter, M ; Hewitt, Belinda ; Hewitt, B ; Walter, Maggie 
52014Do co-residence and intentions make a difference? Relationship satisfaction in married, cohabiting and living apart together couples in 4 countriesBaxter, Janeen ; Tai, Tsui-o ; Hewitt, B ; Hewitt, Belinda 
62013Trends in employer-paid maternity leave usage in Australia: 2005-2010Hewitt, Belinda ; Baird, Marian ; Whitehouse, Gillian ; Martin, Bill ; Baird, M ; Martin, B ; Hewitt, B ; Whitehouse, G 

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Hewitt, Belinda
Hewitt, Belinda
Full Name
Hewitt, Belinda
Hewitt, Belinda
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