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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
125/03/2010Marital Status Transitions and Domestic LabourBaxter, Janeen ; Haynes, M ; Hewitt, B ; Western, M 
22017-10-26Indigenous children’s affective engagement with school: The influence of socio-structural, subjective and relational factorsHewitt, B ; Tomaszewski, Wojtek ; Dunstan, Laura ; Hewitt, Belinda ; Tomaszewski, W 
32015Chapter 5: Relationship DissolutionHewitt, Belinda ; Hewitt, B ; Baxter, Janeen 
42014Preschool participation amongst Indigenous children in AustraliaWalter, Maggie ; Walter, M ; Hewitt, B ; Hewitt, Belinda 
52014Do co-residence and intentions make a difference? Relationship satisfaction in married, cohabiting and living apart together couples in 4 countriesTai, Tsui-o ; Hewitt, Belinda ; Baxter, Janeen ; Hewitt, B 
62012-12Post-separation parenting and Indigenous familiesWalter, M ; Hewitt, B 
72012-05Paid Parental Leave evaluation: Phase 1McVicar, D ; Baxter, J ; Broom, D ; Baxter, Janeen ; Hewitt, B ; Zadorozny, M ; Martin, B ; Baird, M ; Xiang, N ; Walter, M ; Whitehouse, G ; Heron, A ; Strazdins, L ; Jones, A ; Kalb, G ; Western, M ; Wooden, M ; Connelly, L 
82010-12Education and Unintended Pregnancies in Australia: Do Differences in Relationship Status and Age at Birth Explain the Education Gradient?England, P ; Fitzgibbons Shafer, E ; Baxter, Janeen ; Hewitt, B 
92010-12Pathways into Marriage: Cohabitation and the Domestic Division of LaborHaynes, M ; Hewitt, B ; Baxter, Janeen 
102010-04The Implications of Child Support for Housing after Relationship DissolutionReynolds, M ; Wulff, M ; Natalier, K ; Hewitt, B ; Walter, M 
112009-12Which Spouse Initiates Separation When There are Children Involved?Hewitt, B 
122009-12Change in the Association between Premarital Cohabitation and Separation, Australia 1945-2000De Vaus, D ; Hewitt, B 
132009Who gets Divorced in Australia? Gender, Social Determinants and Initiation of SeparationHewitt, B 
142008-06Marriage breakdown in Australia: social correlates, gender and initiator statusHewitt, B 
152008Marriage Breakdown in australia: Social Correlates, Gender and Initiator StatusHewitt, B 
162006-12Who Decides? The Social Characteristics of Who Initiates Marital SeparationBaxter, Janeen ; Hewitt, B ; Western, M 
172005-12Post-Familial Families and the Domestic Division of Labor: A View from AustraliaHewitt, B ; Western, M ; Baxter, Janeen 
182005-06Marriage Breakdown in Australia: The Social Correlates of Separation and DivorceBaxter, Janeen ; Hewitt, B ; Western, M 
192004Marriage Dissolution and Health Amongst the Elderly: The Role of Social and Economic ResourcesBaxter, Janeen ; Western, M ; Hewitt, B ; Turrell, G 
202003Post-Familial Families and the Domestic Division of Labor: A View From AustraliaHewitt, B ; Western, M ; Baxter, Janeen 

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Hewitt, B
Hewitt, B
Hewitt, B
Hewitt, B
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Hewitt, B
Hewitt, B
Hewitt, B
Hewitt, B
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