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Dumuid, Dorothea
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Dumuid, Dorothea
Dumuid, Dot
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12022-09Parent wellbeing, family screen time and socioeconomic status during early childhood predict physical activity of aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children at ages 8–13Macniven, Rona ; Stanley, Rebecca M; Biles, Brett; Dumuid, Dot ; Olds, Tim ; Okely, Anthony D ; Chandler, Paul; Evans, John
22022-04Changes in 24-Hour Domain-Specific Movement Behaviors and Their Associations With Children's Psychosocial Health During the Transition From Primary to Secondary School: A Compositional Data AnalysisChong, Kar Hau; Dumuid, Dorothea ; Cliff, Dylan P ; Parrish, Anne-Maree ; Okely, Anthony D 
32020-12-27Lifestyle clusters and academic achievement in Australian Indigenous children: Empirical findings and discussion of ecological levers for closing the gapWilson, Rachel; Dumuid, Dorothea ; Olds, Tim ; Evans, John
42020-11-09Sport and academic performance in Australian Indigenous childrenDumuid, Dorothea ; Wilson, Rachel; Olds, Timothy ; Evans, John Robert
52017-07-01Time-Use Patterns and Health-Related Quality of Life in AdolescentsOlds, Tim ; Mensah, Fiona K ; Azzopardi, Peter ; Carlin, John B ; Edwards, Ben ; Dwyer, Terence ; Gold, Lisa ; Muller, Josh ; Lycett, Kate ; Dwyner, Terence ; Wong, Monica ; Dumuid, Dorothea ; Wake, Melissa ; Burgner, David