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Brown, Judith E
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Brown, Judith E
Brown, J. E.
Brown, J
Brown, Jude
Brown, J.E.
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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12021-12Does toddlers' and preschoolers' play predict later self-regulation? Longitudinal evidence from a representative Australian sampleColliver, Yeshe; Harrison, Linda J.; Humburg, Peter; Brown, Jude 
22013-12-16Children’s sleep patterns from 0 to 9 years: Australian population longitudinal studyQuach, Jon ; Brown, J ; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet ; Wake, Melissa ; Price, Anna MH 
32011-11Parenting practices, children's media use and childhood obesityBittman, M ; Brown, J ; Skouteris, H ; Rutherford, L 
42011-07-29Comparisons of Tobit, Linear, and Poisson-Gamma Regression Models : An Application of Time Use DataDunn, P.K.; Brown, J.E. 
52011-07-08Parenting practices, children’s lifestyle behaviours and childhood obesityBrown, J ; Nicholson, J ; Broom, D 
62011-03Television viewing by School-age Children: associations with Physical activity, snack food consumption and unhealthy weightNicholson, J.M.; Brown, J.E. ; Nicholson, J ; Broom, D ; Bittman, M 
72010-06Do Working Mothers raise couch potato kids? Maternal Employment and Children's Lifestyle behaviours and weight in Early childhoodNicholson, J.M.; Brown, J.E. ; Nicholson, J ; Broom, D ; Bittman, M 
82009-07-10The impact of socio-economic background on the association between television viewing and developmental outcomes among young Australian childrenBrown, J 
92008-12Do working parents grow couch potato kids?Brown, J ; Nicholson, J ; Broom, D ; Bittman, M 
102008-07Social gradient, lifestyle and overweight/obesity in four year old childrenBrown, J ; Bittman, M 
112008-07A balancing act: can competing family policy objectives be met?Brown, J 
122007-12Time and money: Parental employment, income and developmental outcomes in four to five year old childrenHine, D ; Brown, J ; Bittman, M 
132007-12Hyper-parenting? How scheduled activities affect children's language acquisition, schooling and mental healthBrown, J ; Bittman, M 
142007-09Time or money: The impact of parental Employment on time that 4 to 5 year olds spend in Language building ActivitiesBittman, M ; Brown, J.E. ; Nicholson, J 
152007-07-13New light on the overscheduled child controversy: evidence on children's activities and children's outcomes from the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenBrown, J ; Bittman, M 
162007-07-12The influence of parental employment on how children spend their dayBrown, J 
172006-09Preschool overweight/obesity in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children: Prevalence, socio-demographic correlates and future data possibilitiesBittman, M ; Brown, J ; Carlin, J ; Canterford, L ; Wake, M