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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
125/02/2022Precarious housing and wellbeing: a multi-dimensional investigationViforj, Rachel Ong; Singh, Ranjogh; Baker, Emma ; Bentley, Rebecca ; Hewton, Jack
22022-08Environmental Noise Exposure and Mental Health: Evidence From a Population-Based Longitudinal StudyLi, Ang ; Martino, Erika; Mansour, Adelle; Bentley, Rebecca 
32022-03Understanding the mental health effects of instability in the private rental sector: A longitudinal analysis of a national cohortLi, Ang ; Baker, Emma ; Bentley, Rebecca 
42014-07-22Employment status and mental health among persons with a disability: Evidence from an Australian cohort study.LaMontagne, AD ; Kavanagh, A ; Bentley, R ; Aitken, Z ; Milner, A 
52014-05-28Employment arrangements and mental health in a cohort of working Australians: Are transitions from permanent to temporary employoment associated wtih changes in mental health?Kavanagh, A ; LaMontagne, AD ; Milner, A ; Bentley, R ; Krnjacki, L 
62014-05-28Employment arrangements and mental health: Does transitioning from permanent into temporary employment affect mental health?Milner, A ; Blakely, A ; LaMontagne, AD ; Bentley, R ; Krnjacki, L ; Kavanagh, A 
72013-05-30Psychosocial working conditions in a representative sample of working Australians 2001-2008: An analysis of changes in inequalities over timeLaMontagne, AD ; Bentley, R ; Kavanagh, AM ; Krnjacki, L ; Kavanagh, A 
82011-08-16Isolating a Mental Health Effect of a Change in Housing AffordabilitySubramanian, S.V. ; Baker, E ; Mason, K ; Kavanagh, A ; Bentley, R 
92011Association Between Housing Affordability and Mental Health: A Longitudinal Analysis of a Nationally Representative Household Survey in AustraliaSubramanian, S.V. ; Kavanagh, A ; Bentley, R ; Baker, E ; Mason, K ; Kavanagh, A.M. 

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Bentley, R
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Bentley, R
Bentley, Rebecca
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