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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-11Academic, behavioural and quality of life outcomes of slight to mild hearing loss in late childhood: a population-based studyWake, Melissa ; Grobler, Anneke ; Sung, Valerie ; Carew, Peter ; Wang, Jing ; Quach, Jon ; Edwards, Ben ; Gold, Lisa 
2021-02-15Association of in utero antibiotic exposure on childhood ear infection trajectories: Results from a national birth cohort studyHu, Yanhong J; Wang, Jing ; Harwell, Joseph I; Wake, Melissa 
2017-12-05Associations of fat and muscle indices with the health of the tibial weight bearing bone: a cross-sectional population-based study of Victorian 11-12 year old childrenIsmail, Najmi ; Wake, M ; Wake, Melissa ; Simm, Peter 
2013-09-12Bidirectional Associations Between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Consistency and Child BMIWestrupp, Elizabeth Mary ; Giallo, Rebecca ; Jansen, Pauline ; Nicholson, Jan Maree ; Wake, Melissa 
2017-09-27Bone health at age 11-12 years and daily amounts / patterns of physical activity and sedentariness: Cross-sectional Australian population-based studyOlds, T ; Wake, M ; Olds, Timothy ; Osborne, William ; Osborn, William ; Lycett, Kate ; Wake, Melissa 
2018-06-08Bone health, activity and sedentariness at age 11–12 years: Cross-sectional Australian population-derived studyCarlin, John ; Olds, Tim ; Mensah, Fiona ; Ranganathan, Sarath ; Simm, Peter ; Azzopardi, Peter ; Edwards, Ben ; Dwyer, Terence ; Muller, Josh ; Fraysse, Francois ; Osborne, William ; Lycett, Kate ; Vlok, Jennifer ; Wake, Melissa ; Burgner, David ; Ismail, Najmi 
2022-05-03Can adult polygenic scores improve prediction of body mass index in childhood?Mansell, Toby; O'Sullivan, Justin M; Saffery, Richard; Burgner, David ; Kerr, Jessica A ; Dwyer, Terence ; Lange, Katherine ; Wake, Melissa ; Clifford, Susan A ; Olds, Tim 
2017-05-24Childhood Social Disadvantage and Pubertal Timing: A National Birth Cohort From AustraliaAzzopardi, Peter ; Patton, George C ; Sun, Ying ; Wake, Melissa ; Mensah, Fiona K 
2013-12-16Children’s sleep patterns from 0 to 9 years: Australian population longitudinal studyQuach, Jon ; Brown, J ; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet ; Wake, Melissa ; Price, Anna MH 
2016-04-13Confectionery consumption and overweight, obesity, and related outcomes in children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysisDunn, Sophie E ; Russell, Melissa ; Wake, Melissa ; Mensah, Fiona K ; Gasser, Constantine E 
2019-02Cross-sectional associations between Ideal Cardiovascular Health scores and vascular phenotypes in 11- to 12-year-olds and their parents: The Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenRanganathan, Sarath ; Azzopardi, Peter ; Cheung, Michael ; Edwards, Ben ; Juonala, Markus ; Dwyer, Terence ; Grobler, Anneke ; Lycett, Kate ; Wake, Melissa ; Burgner, David ; Liu, Richard 
2018-06Cross-sectional epidemiology of hearing loss in Australian children aged 11–12 years old and 25-year secular trendsMensah, Fiona K ; Liu, Richard ; Wake, Melissa ; Gold, Lisa ; Burt, Rachel A ; Wang, Jing ; le Clercq, Carlijn ; Sung, Valerie ; Carew, Peter 
2020-05-23Cross-sectional metabolic profiles of mental health in population-based cohorts of 11- to 12-year-olds and mid-life adults: The Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenEllul, Susan; Saffery, Richard; Azzopardi, Peter ; Sawyer, Michael ; Edwards, Ben ; Juonala, Markus ; Gold, Lisa ; Lycett, Kate ; Lange, Katherine ; Wake, Melissa ; Burgner, David ; Mensah, Fiona ; Carlin, John 
2016-06-01Cross-sectional sleep thresholds for optimal health and well-being in Australian 4-9-year-oldsQuach, Jon ; Bittman, Michael ; Hiscock, Harriet ; Wake, Melissa ; Price, Anna M 
2017-03-12The Cumulative Impact of Health Adversities on Children's Later Academic Achievement.Nguyen, Cattram ; Wake, M ; Quach, J ; Wake, Melissa ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Quach, Jon 
2022-06Does inflammation mediate the association between obesity and hearing status in mid-childhood and mid-life?Wang, Jing ; Liy, Mengjiao ; Sung, Valerie ; Grobler, Anneke ; Saffery, Richard; Lange, Katherine ; Burgner, David ; Wake, Melissa 
2018-03-09Does poor hearing acuity and auditory processing against noise impact more on children's language processing than vocabulary, and impact on mental health and HRQoL above a demonstrable threshold?Milkovic, Anita ; Wake, M ; Wake, Melissa ; Levickis, Penny 
2017-10-09Early life socioeconomic determinants of dietary score and pattern trajectories across six waves of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Gasser, Constantine E ; Mensah, Fiona K ; Kerr, Jessica A ; Wake, Melissa 
2013-07-01Early puberty and childhood social and behavioral adjustment.Bayer, Jordana K ; Carlin, John B ; Patton, George C ; Allen, Nicholas B ; Wake, Melissa ; Mensah, Fiona K 
2022-12The effect of adverse and positive experiences on inflammatory markers in Australian and UK childrenPriest, Naomi ; Guo, Shuaijun; Gondek, Dawid; Lacey, Rebecca; Burgner, David ; Downes, Marnie; Slopen, Natalie; Goldfeld, Sharon ; Moreno-Betancur, Margarita; Kerr, Jessica A ; Cahill, Stephanie; Wake, Melissa ; Juonala, Markus ; Lycett, Kate ; O'Connor, Meredith