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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2007-05Adverse associations of infant and child sleep problems and parent Health: An Australian population studyHiscock, H ; Wake, M ; Davy, B ; Martin, J ; Hardy, P 
2007-01Adverse associations of sleep problems in Australian preSchoolers: National population studyUkoumunne, O ; Canterford, L ; Ukoumunne, O.C. ; Wake, M ; Hiscock, H 
2017-12-05Associations of fat and muscle indices with the health of the tibial weight bearing bone: a cross-sectional population-based study of Victorian 11-12 year old childrenIsmail, Najmi ; Wake, M ; Wake, Melissa ; Simm, Peter 
2019-05Associations of retinal microvascular caliber with intermediate phenotypes of large arterial function and structure: A systematic review and meta‚ÄźanalysisWong, TY; Xiao, Y; He, M; Liu, M; Lycett, K; Burgner, D ; Wake, M 
2011-10At what BMI are parents of pre-schoolers concerned?Wake, M ; Hardy, P ; Canterford, L ; Ukoumunne, O 
2004-12Australasian childhood longitudinal studies: Exciting yet challenging times.Wake, M 
2013-05-14Bi-directional associations between overweight and health-related quality of life from 4-11 years: Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenJansen, P ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Mensah, F ; Clifford, S 
2017-09-27Bone health at age 11-12 years and daily amounts / patterns of physical activity and sedentariness: Cross-sectional Australian population-based studyOlds, T ; Wake, M ; Olds, Timothy ; Osborne, William ; Osborn, William ; Lycett, Kate ; Wake, Melissa 
2011-06Changes in body mass index and health related quality of life from childhood to adolescenceHardy, P ; Patton, G.C. ; Williams, J.W. ; Waters, E.B. ; Patton, G ; Waters, E ; Wake, M ; Canterford, L ; Hasketh, K.D.
2009-12Changes in preschooler obesity between 2004 and 2008: is there hope after the hype?Wake, M ; Smith, K 
2008-07Child and maternal health predictors of physical, social/emotional and learning outcomes in infants and preschoolersBerthelsen, D ; Sanson, A ; Wake, M ; Smith, K 
2013-04-19Community-based healthcare costs for children born low birthweight, preterm and/or small for gestational age: data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian ChildrenLucas, N ; Nicholson, J ; Wake, M ; Mensah, F ; Westrupp, E ; Gold, L 
2008-06Comorbidities of overweight/obesity in Australian preschoolers: cross-sectional population studySawyer, M ; Hardy, P ; Wake, M ; Carlin, J 
2008-05Comorbidities of overweight/obesity in pre-schoolers: National Australian population study.Sawyer, M ; Hardy, P ; Canterford, L ; Wake, M ; Carlin, J 
2012-04-23Cost of common childhood disordersWake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Westrupp, E ; Mensah, F ; Lucas, N ; Sciberras, E ; Quach, J ; Gold, L 
2013-05-29The cost of healthcare for children with mental health difficulties.Bayer, J.K. ; Canterford, L ; Wake, M ; Nicholson, J ; Lucas, N ; Mensah, F ; Westrupp, E ; Gold, L 
2017-03-12The Cumulative Impact of Health Adversities on Children's Later Academic Achievement.Nguyen, Cattram ; Wake, M ; Quach, J ; Wake, Melissa ; O'Connor, Meredith ; Quach, Jon 
2013-03-15Development of mental health problems and overweight between ages 4 and 11 years: a population-based longitudinal study of Australian children.Jansen, Pauline ; Tiemeier, H ; Wake, M ; Clifford, Susan A ; Nicholson, Jan M ; Mensah, Fiona K 
2007-12Do parenting styles of mothers and fathers influence prevalence and progression of obesity from the preschool to school years?Nicholson, J ; Smith, K ; Wake, M 
2018-03-09Does poor hearing acuity and auditory processing against noise impact more on children's language processing than vocabulary, and impact on mental health and HRQoL above a demonstrable threshold?Milkovic, Anita ; Wake, M ; Wake, Melissa ; Levickis, Penny